Unexpected Benefits of Personal Brand Photography

brand photography for service based entrepreneurs

Are you a small business owner who is hesitant to invest in personal brand photography? You’re not alone!

Many small business owners are unsure if brand photography is right for them. Service based entrepreneurs often say it is only for product based businesses. There is definitely a place for high quality images of the products you create/sell, but whether you sell an item or a service, consider how you can use photos to share your benefits with others.

Consider these 7 unexpected benefits of Brand Photography

  1. Elevates your brand visibility
  2. Authenticity of showing up as yourself (why would you let a stock photo model be the face of your business?)
  3. Builds Trust with your audience
  4. Establish Expert Status
  5. Time Management having a gallery on hand
  6. Confidence in tell your own stories
  7. Connection with your audience as they learn about your benefits

Just ask Nicole. After her first photo session she showed up in her social media with a consistency that was evident just by scrolling her Instagram feed. Her latest session, combined with her expertise in marketing and StoryBrand transformed her website.

Don’t take my word for it …

I wanted to update my brand photos to create consistency throughout my online spaces. Allison is a warm and easy going person but is 100% professional at what she does. She strives to get the right angles and lighting on every shot but you’ll never know how hard she is working because you will be having so much fun. I now have cohesiveness and I love the positive feedback it’s generated with my audience.

Nicole Gallant, SmartCat Marketing
Personal Brand Photography – website home page banner with CTA
Personal Brand Photography – Lead magnet
Personal Brand Photography – slide deck presentation

Looking for a case study to see how a personalized gallery of on brand images can work for your website, visit smartcatmarketing.ca

You can also look at Nicole’s Instagram @smartcatmarketing. Here’s a sneak peek. Pay attention to the variety of photos, graphics, brand colours, and the writing of her captions. Also note that is it not necessary to always be looking at the camera, or centred in the photo.

Personal Brand Photography for Instagram
Personal Brand Photography – social media graphic
Personal Brand Photography for Instagram
Personal Brand Photography – social media post
Personal Brand Photography for Instagram
Personal Brand Photography – Instagram Reel Cover

Curious about where or how you can use your brand photography gallery. Read my previous blog “Benefits of Brand Photography“

Allison Smith


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