Brand Visibility Training

digital courses for the hobbyist, side hustlers & new entrepreneurs ready to post with purpose & elevate your brand visibility.


TWO digital courses for new entrepreneurs to Elevate your Brand Visibility.

  1. DIY Brand Visibility introduces mobile phone photography & Canva for your content creation. This is an immediate access course taken from ....
  2. Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media. The signature course that builds a complete workflow to elevate your brand visibility.

Which is best for you?

D.I.Y. Brand Visibility

I know you want to elevate your brand visibility in a way that best represents your business.

Is this course right for you?

It is if you want to stop relying on generic, overused stock photos, and start creating your own branded images that represent your products & services.

Grab your smartphone. Let me show you how.


What will you experience:

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, podcaster, course creator, presenter or maker, then you are your brand.

A brand does not start with fonts and colours, it starts with you, and showing up as yourself in your business is key.

As a brand photographer I recommend you find someone in your area you trust to provide you with a high quality gallery of images you can use to be face forward in your marketing.

And for those times you want to

  • showcase a new product or service
  • share a behind the scenes story
  • feature a photo to your blog
  • add a fresh photo for your social media or website

D.I.Y. it!

For those that don't need the full Post with Purpose, these are  condensed lessons found in the complete signature course.

In this course we will cover:

  1. my favourite photo tips, from lighting to selfies
  2. setup demo of flat-lay photography
  3. demo shoots with both a smartphone camera and pro digital camera
  4. demo of the free Lightroom Mobile camera and editing for any smartphone brand
  5. into to brand styling in Canva
  6. BONUS:  how to create captivating Captions for social media

Kind Words from Past Students

Clearly Allison knows her stuff and is great at not only photography but also TEACHING others how to utilise her techniques to show our products.


Allison's class is both practical & engaging. Even with a tool that I use on a daily basis, Allison taught me several functions I wasn't familiar with. I recommend her as both a photographer and a teacher.


Allison recently put on what is, in my opinion, one of the best live demos of effective smartphone photography for social media. Her presentation was perfect for different level of smartphone users. She covered both the basics and more advanced features one can use to get stellar photography. But what really blew me away was the ease at which she performed her live demo, along with a wonderfully charming narration that had the whole crowd smiling. She knows her stuff, and is obviously very thoughtful about how she can teach others her wisdom!

DIY Brand Visibility

Showcase your business without relying on stock photos

Immediate Access for only

$127 CDN

(approx. 74 GBP or 95 USD)

Need more? Elevate your Brand Visibility and Post with Purpose.

I often hear entrepreneurs and small business owners say they just don’t have time for social media. What I often discover is you just don’t have a plan.

You aren’t sure what to talk about, or who you are talking to. You post randomly without any focus.

Sound familiar?

So let’s get focused. Let's Post with Purpose.

Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media will take you from overwhelmed & confused trying to post on Facebook or Instagram, to having a workflow you can repeat consistently.

Let's take away the overwhelm of what and when to post on social media by developing a consistent social media calendar around your key platform that will reach your ideal client.

Elevate your brand visibility with photo tips and brand styling that showcase you and your business. No fancy camera or lights required.

We will build a workflow for Facebook or Instagram posts that consists of scroll stopping images, and a caption that tells a story, and offers a call to action.

Then go through the back end of Meta so you can learn the how-to's of scheduling posts, stories and reels.

Ready to go from overwhelmed and overthinking to posting with purpose?

The Signature Course: Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media

Post with Purpose will take you from overwhelmed & confused trying to post on Facebook or Instagram, to having a workflow you can repeat consistently. 

Elevate your brand visibility with scroll stopping photos & captions. Learn to post with purpose through photography & social media.

Different versions of this content has been shared in 1:1 coaching and workplace education with:

boutique hotel owners

restaurant owner

artisan jewellery makers

indoor playground owner

mortgage broker

real estate agent

organic cleaning supplier

flower store owner

Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED)

Centre for Women in Business

Digital Nova Scotia

TD Women Entrepreneurs

Social Media Day Halifax

TeamWorks Nova Scotia/GO-3D Self-Employment

Swell Conference

Post with Purpose:

1. Consistency

  • develop your Ideal Client/Customer or Community (ICA) to focus your content
  • create a consistent social media calendar with 3 content pillar
  • create & schedule social media posts in your app, or using Meta

2. Photography

  • Photo Tips - lighting, selfies, planning ahead and more
  • iPhone Camera settings
  • how to create flat-lay photos for your product or service
  • Lightroom Mobile camera - free app for ANY phone
  • creating a Content Bank

3. Brand Styling

  • intro to Canva, a free app for custom branded graphics
  • setting up your Canva Brand Kit

4. Content Creation

  • understand the importance of social media captions
  • using Canva's Ai to enhance your content with Magic Studio
  • develop your brand voice in Magic Write Ai
  • posting to Instagram Reels & Stories in the app
  • how to organize your photos in Canva

5. The Workflow

Bring it all together with the complete Post with Purpose workflow.

+ BONUS Printables:

Social Media Calendar, Prop List, Caption Prompts & custom Keepbook

Ready to get unstuck, and out of the overwhelm?


Let's Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media

On Demand Workflow value: $2000

$597 CDN (approx. 350 GBP or 445 USD)

What to Expect

 Actionable steps to post with purpose through photography & social media. I don't just talk about the what, I show you the how! 5 Modules with 24 videos & 5 printable pdf's.


your Ideal Client, Customer or Community (ICA) so you can focus in on who you are directing your messaging to.

Value $300


a social media calendar with content pillars focusing on the key platform that reaches your ICA.

Value $300


tips and demonstrations to get you away from stock photos and showcase your products or services with your mobile phone.

Value $400


a 2 part intro to Canva, so you can create recognizable custom branded content and captions, now with the power of Magic Write Ai.

Value $600


create & batch content with scroll stopping images & social media posts that attract your ICA with an attention grabbing caption, a story and a call to action to encourage engagement.

Value $300


ICA worksheet, monthly content calendar, 50 caption prompts, shoot list and a "Keepbook"

Value $100

Kind Words from Past Students


Allison helped me understand the importance of social media, and posting with purpose. With her help I was able to make a calendar that made sense to me, and was easy for me to visualize what and when I was posting. I was able to learn the post photo taking techniques, with just using my phone.


Amazing! Starting a new business can be overwhelming. My largest hurdle was the fear of putting myself out there on social media and figuring out how to do it in a way that I was comfortable and also reached people. I went from being unable to post on social media without losing sleep and dreading it, to being able to make a plan and most of the time make it happen. While I am still learning to be completely comfortable, I am actually excited about getting better and seeing my business grow.  If you struggle with social media and want to take the next step with your business I highly recommend this. It has changed my attitude and how I do things.

Ready to get unstuck, and out of the overwhelm?

Let's Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media

The complete 5 module workflow

$597 CDN

(approx.  350GBP or 445USD)


Through Photography & Social Media

Which is better for you?

blond woman in grey tshirt with dandelion lowing. She is holding a camera in one hand, and balancing a laptop on the other

Hi, I’m Allison. Personal Brand Photographer, Social Media Coach & Founder of Dandelion Digital.

I know you want to stand out on social media with scroll stopping images that showcase you and your business. I work with entrepreneurs to post with purpose through photography & social media.

I have taken my experience and the information given to private clients and workplace education seminars and built an online learning experience to help you create your own high quality images that allow you to show up online showcasing you and your business.

The complete workflow in Post with Purpose starts with consistency. Develop your ICA. Understand your content topics and plot your calendar. Build your brand visibility with flatlay photography & custom graphics to stop the scroll. Put it all together with captions, stories and CTA’s that bring in engagement.

Let's Get Focused. Let's Post with PURPOSE.

Photo Tips for You

We will not clog your inbox. I'll shares photo tips and ideas to help you elevate your brand visibility, to post with purpose, and reach your ideal client.