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I often hear entrepreneurs and small business owners say they just don’t have time for social media. What we discover is they just don’t have a plan. They aren’t sure what they want to talk about, or who they are talking to. They post randomly without any focus.

So let’s get focused. 

START with 4 one-on-one coaching sessions were we 

DEVELOP your social media avatar and categories

PLAN your social media content calendar

BRAND your social media so it is consistent to your audience

CREATE and schedule social media posts

STRATEGY sessions for an additional 12 weeks to establish your consistency. We will meet every 2 weeks via zoom to brainstorm your social media content and plot your social media calendar. 

This is right for you if 

  • you already have at least one active social media business account
  • you want to handle your own social media but need some extra help understanding how
  • you can commit to a 16 week program
  • social media management is just not in the budget but you recognized a need to have a consist strategy you can manage yourself
  • your ideal audience is on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn

We are NOT the right fit if

  • You want to skip steps without first building the foundation
  • You are expecting e-commerce setup

Monthly Social Media Management

Are you missing the staff or skill set to maintain a consistent social media presence? Don’t stress…outsource.

Let’s build a customer persona so that your page speaks to an ideal audience that builds trust in what you are offering. That trust then translates from hitting the Like button to the let’s do business button. 

As a social media manager & content creator, Dandelion Digital works with service based business owners to post with purpose on a monthly retainer.

This is right for you if :

  • you have an established social media presence that you no longer have time to give your full attention to
  • You are looking to outsource rather than hire in
  • you are a service based business, event or tourism industry, restaurant or pub
  • Your ideal audience is on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn

We are NOT the right fit if:

  • You are an e-commerce based business
  • You have a monthly budget of less than $800
  • You have a hard time letting go of the reins
  • You are looking to bring someone in for a quick fix
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Digital services available for entrepreneurs & small business owners:

iPhone Photography & DYI Flat-lay Tutorials

Canva Tutorials & Presentations

IC Avatar Development

Hashtag Research

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