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for new entrepreneurs & small business owners that want to post with purpose.

Social Media Coach

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I know you want to stand out on social media. To do that, you need to have a well thought out plan of what topics your clients want from you.

You need photos that showcase you and your business, not the same stock photos every other small business is using.

The problem is time. Confidence. Inspiration!

You don’t know how to capture your own scroll stopping images.

You are overwhelmed trying figure out what you want to talk about and to who.

You end up posting randomly, when you have the chance, and cross your fingers that someone likes it.

Sound familiar?

I know you want to level up your brand visibility on social media in a way that best represents your business.

I can help with that.

Let’s get you focused. Let’s post with purpose.

As a photographer and a social media consultant I’ve been working with small business owners just like you. Learn what I have been coaching private clients and workplace education seminars on.  

POST WITH PURPOSE Through Photography & Social Media, is a click away.

To be more flexible and accommodating for your time and schedule, I have moved away from 1:1 coaching sessions. Now you can work on your time, and still have the in person with me to review your work, brian storm your ideas, ask for help in your struggles. 

Because coaching should never be inconvenient, and on demand should not mean on your own. 

Let’s develop a plan for your social media so you can stop feeling frustrated. So you can be confident in your message. In your images.

What to Expect:

We all learn different, and not everyone has the time for 1:1. This 4 module/ 14 video course has actionable how to steps to post with purpose through photography & social media. I don’t just talk about the what, I show you the how!


your Ideal Client, Customer or Community (ICA) to focus who you are directing your messaging to.



a social media calendar with content pillars focusing on your key platform that reaches your ICA


tips and demonstrations showing you how to take pictures that showcase your products or services.


so you can create custom branded graphics that your ICA will recognize.


scroll stopping images & social media posts with a caption, story and call to action that encourage engagement.


include an ICA Worksheet, Social Media Calendar, Photo Prop list, Instagram templates, and a “Keepbook” that wraps it all up.

For Workplace Education Workshops:

Content Creation Workshops (2hr) includes :

  • Photography Tips
  • Caption Creation
  • Social Media Categories
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Canva Brand Styling
  • Q&A


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