for new entrepreneurs & small business owners that want to post with purpose.

Social Media Coach

I know you want to stand out on social media.

To do that, you need to have a well thought out plan of what topics your clients want from you.

You need photos that showcase you and your business, not the same stock photos every other small business is using.

The problem is time. Confidence. Inspiration!

Do you know how to capture your own scroll stopping images?

Are you overwhelmed trying figure out what you want to talk about and to who?

Have you been posting randomly on Facebook and Instagram, crossing your fingers that someone likes it?

Does the idea of making Reels and showing up in video more than you want to deal with?

Believe me, I get it. These things don't come naturally.

You want to elevate your brand visibility on social media in a way that best represents your business. I can help with that.

Let’s get you focused. Let’s post with purpose.

What works best for you? 

As a photographer and a social media coach I’ve been working with small business owners just like you. Learn what I have been coaching private clients and workplace education seminars on.

To be more flexible and accommodating for your time and schedule, I have moved away from 1:1 coaching sessions and created on demand course that has no restrictions like scheduling or time zones.

Discover Post with Purpose through Photography & Social Media

Content Creation for Social Media

Workplace Education

DIY Your Content Creation is a 2 hour in person or online presentation with actionable tips on

  • photo tips for social media
  • caption creation
  • content categories
  • social media calendar
  • Canva brand styling
  • Canva branded graphics

up to 60 minute presentation for Social Media with 2 key points from your choice of:

  • developing an ideal client/customer avatar
  • building a content calendar
  • photo tips for social media
  • creating captivating captions for social media
  • organizing your photo bank for efficiency
  • intro to Canva
  • creating custom branding in Canva

Allison Smith has provided virtual & in-person workshops and presentations for the following:

Member, Center for Women In Business, NS
Contributing Expert
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website badges (SMDH)
website badges (CBDC)
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DOWNLOAD: Social Media Calendar

social media calendar template

Download your FREE social media calendar. It is customizable with holidays, special days of the year, and categories to help you create a consistent social media plan & post with purpose.