Social Media Calendar

Download your FREE social media calendar. It is customizable with holidays, special days of the year, and categories to help you create a consistent social media plan & post with purpose.

social media calendar template

Dandelion Digital created a custom calendar to help take the stress off the plate of other entrepreneurs.

When creating consistent social media you need a plan. This complimentary content calendar template includes a list of common holidays and fun Days of the Year to help fill in your content gaps. It is also colour coded to help you quickly and easily plan your content by categories.

Categories help you have consist topics of discussion your audience can expect and look forward to. It also helps you make sure you are balancing your personal with your business content. An ideal ratio should Entertain (the fun stuff), Educate (tips and how to’s) and Endorse (your ask).

Ideas may include Behind the Scenes, Tips of the Trade, Meet the Staff, Your Favourite (fill in a topic), & Promotions.

Includes best how-to-tips an instructional video and bonus spreadsheet.


Downloading the Dandelion Digital calendar is for your own use and not to be shared with others. If you find value in it please invite them to download their own copy. This will ensure they receive the bonuses included, and have the opportunity to join our community of ideas and tip to help them post with purpose too!

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