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As a 30 year employee, becoming an entrepreneur has been a life experience riding the learning curve. Starting my own business in a new province, with no network really meant starting from ground zero.

I want to share with you some of the tips & tools I have used, and a few key people/businesses I have discovered along the way.


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Halifax Brand Photographer for a Potter

Halifax Brand Photographer & the Potter

By Allison Smith | January 25, 2024

Branding Photo Shoot with Laura Rae Studio. Creativity comes in all forms. Some use a camera, others a blob of clay. When Laura Rae throws her clay, amazing things happen. When I connected with Laura for her branding photo shoot I was immediately struck by the available light in her Halifax home studio. A photographers…

open concept with vaulted ceiling

Halifax Brand Photographer & the Designer

By Allison Smith | January 16, 2024

Photography for designer NIS Interiors When I was asked to provide photography for designer Anais of NIS Interiors, it was like walking into a show home! (my favourite feature was the front closet converted into a coffee bar).  A picture perfect home doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you are staging for a sale, redecorating, or…

Brand photography pricing feature image with blond woman holding camera to her face

Photography Pricing doesn’t have a MRSP

By Allison Smith | December 16, 2023

Pricing isn’t set in any magical stone.  I’ve seen firsthand how personalized imagery can transform GenX women-owned small businesses. I have also seen how sometimes sticker shock becomes a barrier for them. Usually it is when there is a divide between understanding the difference between hiring a photographer for a family event rather than a…

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