Pros & Cons when you Hire a Brand Photographer

pros & cons of hiring a photographer

As business owners, we want to capture the attention of our ideal customers. 

To hire a brand photographer is great way to elevate your social media and website. But what are the possible pros and cons. Let’s consider both, starting with some pros.

Pros when you hire a brand photographer:

  • we strive to understand the goals of your business and the final purpose of your photos so they match your brand and business.
  • we want your experience to be fun and the poses to be flattering
  • we work with you to create a cohesive visual identity that will set you apart from your competitors
  • we understand lighting and composition to capture a proper image
  • we have the equipment and software necessary to produce high-quality images that will make your brand stand out
  • It frees your time having to source or create and edit photos
  • It gives you a ready to use gallery of images that can tell the story of you and your business

Cons (when you don’t hire a brand photographer):

  • You may default to overused stock photos that do not represent your brand or business
  • If you do not have a grasp of photo editing, posted pictures my be crooked, have a colour cast, or be under/overexposed
  • Your headshot may consist of a selfie, or cropped out group shot
  • You could spend hours a week sourcing your photos rather quickly going to your drive to find the perfect picture that will grab your audience’s attention
  • A stranger in a stock photo may represent the business you are building
  • Some may add cost to the list, but if you consider it an investment of doing business, and remember it is a tax deduction, then is it really? 

When you are ready to hire a brand photographer, Google “brand photographer near me”. If you are in central Nova Scotia, you can find me here.

Allison Smith


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