Photography Pricing doesn’t have a MRSP

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Pricing isn’t set in any magical stone. 

I’ve seen firsthand how personalized imagery can transform GenX women-owned small businesses. I have also seen how sometimes sticker shock becomes a barrier for them. Usually it is when there is a divide between understanding the difference between hiring a photographer for a family event rather than a business investment.

So, let’s dive into a topic that often leaves photographers and clients dropping jaws: PRICING. 

Let’s cut through the noise and demystify the art of valuing your visual narrative.

1 Education, Expertise and Experience:

Experienced brand photographers bring years of know-how, often having experience as portrait, wedding, or family photography. Our skills keep evolving with constant training. Developing a niche in branding requires a grasp of the ins and outs of branding and its benefits for your business. What makes us unique is our knack for visually narrating your story, ensuring each image seamlessly blends with your overall business narrative.

2 Equipment and Resources:

Behind every stunning image is a photographer who understands how to control our equipment. From light and camera settings to enhancements in post production. Brand photographers invest significantly in training & equipment to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Coupled with other resources to run our business directly influences pricing. 

3 Market Demand and Competition:

Pricing is often influenced by the demand for our services and the competitive landscape within the market. Economic levels of your location will also vary. Where my personal branding packages run under $1000, in Toronto or Edmonton I could charge much more.

4 Post-Production and Deliverables:

The magic doesn’t end when the photo shoot concludes. Brand photographers invest time and skill in post-production processes to ensure your visuals are nothing short of awesome. Editing, retouching, and optimizing images for various platforms are integral parts of the service. Additionally, the number and format of deliverables, be it high-resolution images, video content, or a combination, influence the final pricing. It’s about providing a comprehensive package that aligns with your brand’s vision and marketing strategy.

5 Licensing and Usage Rights:

Brand photographers understand the value of the images we create and the impact they can have on your business. Licensing and usage rights play a crucial role in determining price. Clear communication on licensing ensures that both parties understand the intended use of the visuals, contributing to a transparent and fair pricing structure.

Read my previous blog for more details on the difference between licensing and copyright

Understanding these 5 key factors sheds light on why brand photographers set our prices the way we do. It’s not just about the pictures themselves; it’s a strategic investment in translating your brand into a visual language that speaks volumes.

When you’re ready to invest, Google “Personal Brand Photographer (your city)”. If your closest city is Halifax, NS, go here instead! I’m ready for you.

Allison Smith


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