The Roots of Dandelion Digital

I know you want to stand out on social media, but you worry about the photos you have (or don’t have).

You hesitate showing up on social media as yourself because you want to be more confident in your pictures.

You understand the importance of short form videos for your content creation, but lack understanding to do it yourself.

You use stock photos because you lack scroll stopping photos that showcase you, your products or services.

Any of these sound familiar? I get it.

I also know what it’s like to be the 9-5 social media manager stuck at the office with no photos or videos from the big event.

I work with small business owners and event professionals to post with purpose through photography & social media. We create photo galleries & content strategies that and level up your brand visibility and reach your ideal client.

Here are 10 quick facts to know about me:

  • I have had a camera in hand since I was 16
  • I like short hikes with a long lens
  • My coffee and my chocolate are both dark
  • Pineapple & mushrooms absolutely go on pizza
  • My favourite books are historical fiction
  • My playlist starts with classic Springsteen
  • I am an Air Force brat & an Army wife
  • I married a Caper … while posted in Germany
  • We have 3 grown(ish) kids
  • My birthday is the day of the military child – our flower is the Dandelion!

Want to learn more about my backstory, please read this blog. Then read all the others too!

Allison Smith, Halifax Brand Photographer
Logo Dandelion Digital


Why a dandelion? Many think of it as a weed. I think of it as resilient. But you want to understand the real reason behind my company name, let’s go to my roots.

"A lot of different flowers make a bouquet"

~ Islamic Proverb


Dandelion Digital believes in community and the strength of its roots.

A community of differences creates the beauty of all our combined efforts.