Halifax Brand Photographer & the Potter

Halifax Brand Photographer for a Potter

Branding Photo Shoot with Laura Rae Studio.

Creativity comes in all forms. Some use a camera, others a blob of clay. When Laura Rae throws her clay, amazing things happen.

When I connected with Laura for her branding photo shoot I was immediately struck by the available light in her Halifax home studio. A photographers dream! Then she surprised me with the view of the Halifax harbour (and a visiting cruise ship) from the rooftop oasis.

Laura Rae Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia creates the most important pieces … the holders of coffee!

Each piece is designed with the hand in mind, considering its weight and the curve of the handle.

Enjoy a few of my favourite images from her photo shoot (and don’t miss how her BTS short form video created this reel):

You can find some of these photos featured on https://lauraraestudio.com.

Also see how Laura has been using her branding photos (& short form videos to create reels), consistently in her Instagram feed. Be sure to check her out at @Laura.Rae.Studio.

If you are also a Nova Scotia based creative looking to trade in someone else’s stock photos for your own personal branding photo shoot, I would love to chat. I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to elevate your brand visibility and reach your ideal customers.

Allison Smith


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