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open concept with vaulted ceiling

Photography for designer NIS Interiors

When I was asked to provide photography for designer Anais of NIS Interiors, it was like walking into a show home! (my favourite feature was the front closet converted into a coffee bar). 

A picture perfect home doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you are staging for a sale, redecorating, or decluttering, putting a room together takes a creative eye, and a ton of skill. 

The great room, which was once dark and full of walls, opened up bright and airy. With beam ceilings (love them!) and a DIY kitchen island that is flawless. 

The area was fresh, bright, and warm. I was ready to move in. A true sign of great design.

If you are a designer or decorator, what are some benefits of photography for interior design? Let’s start with these obvious 4. I am sure you can come up with others!

  • Showcase your work
  • Reach potential clients
  • Give inspiration
  • Get published

Discover NIS Interiors, located in Bedford, NS at https://www.nisdesigns.ca/

If you are also a Nova Scotia based creative looking to trade in someone else’s stock photos for your own personal branding photo shoot, I would love to chat. I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to elevate your brand visibility and reach your ideal customers.

magazine spread inside Bedford Living featuring photo of NIS Interiors, by Dandelion Digital
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