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Greetings from the lens of experience! I'm Allison, the creative behind Dandelion Digital, specializing in crafting captivating visual stories with corporate and community event photography in Halifax and Central Nova Scotia.

After three decades of expertise in storytelling through photography & social media, Dandelion Digital excels in capturing the essence of corporate events and the spirit of community celebrations. As the driving force behind Dandelion Digital, my commitment is to deliver more than just photographs, but to create a lasting impression for everyone involved.


Why Choose Dandelion Digital?

Visual Storytelling Excellence: My focus goes beyond capturing images; I record your unique stories. Visual narratives that showcase the excitement, pride, and genuine interactions that make your events unforgettable.

Experience Matters: From high-profile corporate events to lively community festivals, my expertise lies in event photography and social media management. This background provides me with a distinctive insight into not only capturing the right shots but also understanding how they will enhance your branding and marketing strategies.

Services Tailored to Your Event

Corporate/Community Photography: Elevate your events with curated visual content. Ensure your event is not only documented but celebrated.

Short-Form Event Videos: Transform your online presence with engaging short-form videos. These snippets, coupled with event photography, capture the spirit of your event, providing bonus content for your social media manager.

More than just Photography

Social Media Content Add-on: As an experienced social media manager, I understand the challenge of missing an event. When your social media manager can't be present, leverage my experience. Enhance your social media presence with live, real-time posts directly on your business platforms.

Pop-Up Studio Add-on: Looking for an extra special touch for your guests, VIPs, or committee members? Elevate your event photography with a portable studio for fresh, professional headshots. Each individual will receive a link to download two copies – one for printing and one for online use.

Let's Capture Your Event Story Together

Ready to elevate your event with captivating event photography?

Contact Allison below to discuss how together, we can bring your event story to life through professional event photography and short-form videos.

My event photography services portfolio has included:


🔸Galas & Functions


🔸Awards Ceremonies

🔸Speaking Engagements

🔸Trade & Consumer Shows




🔸Grand Openings & Launches

Professional photography and short form video of your community or corporate event provides images you can use for current & future social media, website galleries, presentations and marketing material.

Past Event Photography

Next Event Photography

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Current 2024 Blackout Dates: November 8-21