Brand Photography

for Entrepreneurs to Elevate your Website & Social Media

You offer a unique service. 

You are a maker of all things wonderful.

You are building a business, so why is a stranger in a stock photo the face of your business?

You want to elevate your brand visibility and reach your ideal audience.

Personal brand photography that showcases you and your business with lifestyle photos and behind the scenes video are the perfect way to create consistent, fresh content regularly.

As a personal brand photographer in Halifax, NS, I want to be sure you have photos that can be used seamlessly in social media, on your website, and in print for your marketing. 

Brand Photography

Brand photography is a powerful tool for helping businesses build a strong, cohesive brand identity. It creates images that capture your unique personality and a recognizable look and feel that resonates with their target audience.

Personal Brand Photography 

Create a gallery of high quality images and short form video for your social media and website content.

Seasonal Brand Photography

You want fresh content for your social media all year. Start with a personal brand photography session and follow up with a seasonal refresh each quarter.

Mini Session

For the entrepreneurs just getting started with personal brand photography, or looking for a quick refresh.


Want to know more about pricing before booking a free 30 minute Discovery Call?

Download the most recent pricing guide (may be subject to change).

Pricing Guide includes Personal Branding packages plus the new

  • Bring a Friend
  • Social Sessions
  • Micro Sessions

As a brand photographer and social media coach I work with small business owners to post with purpose on Facebook & Instagram. When the idea of social media content is overwhelming, add on a 1:1 coaching session to give you the confidence in posting your new photo gallery with content strategies.

To have you ready for shoot day, before each session our creation process will discuss:

    • an inspiration board, so we both have a better idea of your style
    • props & accessories to emphasize your brand
    • wardrobe choices
    • hair & make-up
    • location selection

By the time we are ready for your brand photography session, we are already friends before you get infront of the camera!

Want to know if our styles align. Look through my Branding Gallery


How to Get Started

Allison Smith, entrepreneur, photographer
Brand Photographer, Dandelion Digital, Halifax, Canada
Halifax Brand Photographer at laptop editing photos

Where you

can use your

Branding Photos

  • bio photo
  • website pages
  • hero banners
  • about me profile
  • launch material
  • course creation
  • newsletter
  • blogs
  • podcast
  • guest profiles
  • social media posts
  • reel covers
  • reels
  • stories
  • pinterest covers
  • articles
  • email lists
  • facebook ads
  • google posts
  • google ads

Social Sessions

Showing up as the face of our business in our marketing plan should be priority. Even as solopreneurs, there is nothing that says we should show up alone. 

What would it mean for your social media and website to talk about your services while showcasing you working with clients? Social Sessions brings together creative service based entrepreneurs in non competitive businesses for a shared photo session. Each of you will have an individual shoot, as well as be the faux client for one another. 

If this would benefit how you tell your stories and show up online, join the waitlist for the next session near you.
Current considerations include Halifax, South Shore, Yarmouth, Annapolis Valley, Sydney & Moncton.

Product Photography

Product photography for your social media and website is the first impression your customers may get. From flat-lays to open concepts, book for your

  • Products & retail space
  • Menu items & restaurant space 
  • Real Estate static images
  • Interior Design staging
  • Home Organization before & afters

Image gallery delivered to download in both high res and web ready.




How far in advance should I book my shoot?

This is not a rush and done process. From your first inquiry through the Contact page it may be a few weeks before you are infront of the camera. It depends on availability and how quickly we go through the onboarding process.

What are the steps to book a photo shoot?

From your initial contact form you will

  1. be sent a link to book a 30 minute discovery call
  2. followed by a discovery form to give me a few details about how I can help
  3. from our call, a proposal will be sent based on the needs of your shoot
  4. once the proposal is accepted, the contract signed, and the deposit paid, the calendar to book your shoot date will be sent
  5. shortly after booking, you will receive a copy of my custom What to Expect guide with tips on wardrobe, props and the shot list.
  6. I recommend an inspiration board of photos that have the style you are looking for (Pinterst is great for this).
  7. we will book a final call to go over your specific details. Location, props, wardrobe, shot list. All the fun stuff we want to have in place so our shoot time is best utilize capturing images.
How much does Brand Photography cost?

Brand Photography is an investment in your business. There is no set industry price, but when I Googled it, it came up $1200-$5000 (I presume that is USD). Don’t panic, I may be worth it, but the East Coast lifestyle isn’t ready for it yet!

How much a brand photographer charges will be based on several factors. Education & training. Photography experience. Experience in the niche. Final assets of the package. Location & 3rd party fees . . .

Ready to talk about it? Start here.

What is Personal Brand Photography v. Social Sessions

Personal Brand Photography is a photo shoot specifically for you and your business.

Social Sessions is a group shoot of 4 entrepreneurs that combine to have a gallery of brand photos that include photo of yourself, and combined with others acting as your clients (and vice versa)

What is different about a Brand Photographer?

Brand Photography has become a growing specialty with the increased emphasize on social media marketing and a strong online presence.

A professional brand photographer is not a wedding photographer looking to supplement the winter season. We are dedicated in undestanding the goals of your photos to enhance your business. The way we shoot and edit is about being your first impression online, not soft and dreamy hanging on your living wall.

Where do you shoot?

All photo shoots are done on location. This may be your place of business, a local cafe, park or agreed on rental space. The key is lighting. I look for lots of natural ambient light.

Do you also do videography?

I am not a videographer. I do provide raw short form video from my iPhone 13 Pro so you can have extra content for reels or a website hero banner.

If you need a videographer, download my Local Resources for a referal.

What is raw short form video?

Raw (unedited) short form (15-60 seconds each) video (iPhone 13 Pro 1080p 60fps) gives you bonus video footage from your personal branding session that you can cut up to create reels and other video content.

The number of videos depends on the session you book. 

They are not offered in shoots under 1 hour. 


Is there a rescheduling option?

Of course. Business happens. Weather happens. Kids get sick. 

When you first confirm your shoot a non refunadble deposit is required. That will be kept if you cancel, however when shit happens (for either of us) I will do my best to reschedule as soon as possible. 

Do you Photoshop?

Before your proofs are uploaded they will be corrected for lighting, straightened and resized.

Once you select your favourite images for final download, enhancements may include skin softening, eye brightening and blemish removal. Unless you have a very specific request (that may include an extra fee) manipulative photoshop is not done. I want your photos to be authentic to who you are.

How do I get my pictures?

Digital files are uploaded into a secure online gallery. Login details will be emailed to you. You can view your gallery slideshow. Share the album with your team. Download your photos and save them to your content bank.

The secure gallery is only available a few weeks. It is your responsibility to download & back up all your files on a cloud or external hardrive.

The larger video files are sent via WeTransfer for download.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

After your photo shoot you will get a proofing gallery. My goal is to have that to you within a week. You take the time you need to select your favourites and then I get to work on the final edits. Depending on my current workload, and the size of your final gallery, my goal is to have them to you within 3 weeks. 

Do I get copyright?

As the photographer, I maintain copyright. You will have Commercial User License that permits you to use the photos and video to promote your products and services throughout your marketing strategy.

This also ensures you can alter your images to fit your brand with presets, filters, text and stickers.

Can I just have all the files?

No. Unlike family photography that may include a complete gallery to share with family & friends, Personal Brand Photography is an investment in your business growth. Your Commercial User License will include the number of images based on the package you select. If your require (or simply want) more not a problem,  I can easily invoice you for the extended License.

Halifax Brand Photographer

How can personal brand photography benefit your business?

  • Brand photography lets your clients into your world
  • Tells the story of you and your business
  • Highlights you (and your staff) in the work place
  • Ensures prospective clients recognize you from your profile picture
  • Showcases your products, services, & community
  • Creates content images such as seasonal promotions, behind the scenes, and showcases your personality
  • Provides recent images for social media, websites & presentations
  • Gets you out of stock photos

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