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On these pages I hope to share tips, ideas and photo shoots. I want to give you inspiration and how-to's, to elevate your brand visibility. To help other small business owners post with purpose through photography & social media.

The Calm Before the Storm

By Allison Smith | February 20, 2019

I am closer to retirement than college. I have always been busy. Three kids, a career, a business, volunteering, and juggling it all with a husband in the army who is away as much as he’s home. And now, all the sudden, I don’t even know. My husband is home (short lived I’m sure), and…

How Ya Doin’ Bye

By Allison Smith | January 2, 2019

I have always loved Halifax. It is a beautiful city. The entire waterfront is a postcard waiting to be captured. That was my view as a tourist, and it was accurate.  Now as a resident, I can’t help but compare my new home with the old. So let’s start with the home itself. I am…