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On these pages I hope to share tips, ideas and photo shoots. I want to give you inspiration and how-to's, to elevate your brand visibility. To help other small business owners post with purpose through photography & social media.

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Halifax Brand Photographer & the Bookkeeper

By Allison Smith | April 24, 2024

A Year of Brand Photography with Bookkeeper Signal Operations Numbers are my kryptonite. That’s why at this time of year, I rely on the number geeks to ensure all the lines in my year end spreadsheet are ready for the taxman. A few years ago I got a call from Erika to book a photoshoot.…

Halifax Brand Photographer & the Social Media Anti-Hero

By Allison Smith | March 29, 2024

When I moved across country, from Edmonton to Halifax (I am Canadian eh) Anita was one of the first people I met. Amidst the chaos of settling in, our paths crossed early on. With a background in social media management and event photography, I jumped into volunteering for Social Media Day Halifax ’19. Little did…

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Why understanding the WHY behind your business matters

By Allison Smith | February 28, 2024

Do you have a group you bounce ideas off of? Like minded people that help you move forward in your business?  If not, I highly recommend you find one (or start one)! Their value is golden.  Why am I asking? Let me share a story.  Recently I attended an overnight retreat for my entrepreneur networking…

Halifax Brand Photographer for a Potter

Halifax Brand Photographer & the Potter

By Allison Smith | January 25, 2024

Branding Photo Shoot with Laura Rae Studio. Creativity comes in all forms. Some use a camera, others a blob of clay. When Laura Rae throws her clay, amazing things happen. When I connected with Laura for her branding photo shoot I was immediately struck by the available light in her Halifax home studio. A photographers…

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Halifax Brand Photographer & the Designer

By Allison Smith | January 16, 2024

Photography for designer NIS Interiors When I was asked to provide photography for designer Anais of NIS Interiors, it was like walking into a show home! (my favourite feature was the front closet converted into a coffee bar).  A picture perfect home doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you are staging for a sale, redecorating, or…

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Photography Pricing doesn’t have a MRSP

By Allison Smith | December 16, 2023

Pricing isn’t set in any magical stone.  I’ve seen firsthand how personalized imagery can transform GenX women-owned small businesses. I have also seen how sometimes sticker shock becomes a barrier for them. Usually it is when there is a divide between understanding the difference between hiring a photographer for a family event rather than a…

Blog" Copyright vs User License for Brand Photographers

Photography Copyright vs. Licensing

By Allison Smith | November 29, 2023

As a creative I don’t spend a lot of time on the technical babble of my niche, but it is important to understand Commercial User Licences and how they differ from Copyright.  Let’s use an analogy we can relate to.  Copyright is like being the owner of a Vacation Home The home is all yours!…

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Rocking your Online Presence

By Allison Smith | September 24, 2023

Why Personal Brand Photography for your Online Presence is Essential (No, selfies don’t count). In a world drowning in digital noise, your online presence is your headlining act. Breaking through that noise demands more than selfies or a generic stock photo. It demands a rockstar narrative. Visuals that resonate with your audience and defines your…

pros & cons of hiring a photographer

Pros & Cons when you Hire a Brand Photographer

By Allison Smith | August 27, 2023

As business owners, we want to capture the attention of our ideal customers. To hire a brand photographer is great way to elevate your social media and website. But what are the possible pros and cons. Let’s consider both, starting with some pros. Pros when you hire a brand photographer: Cons (when you don’t): When you…