3 more Photo Tips to Elevate your Social Media

3 more Photo Tips to Elevate your Social Media


We all want to curate a perfect Instagram feed. Earlier this spring I started this series on photo tips for social media. We looked at lighting, building a Photo bank, and watching for distractions in your background.

Go back and check it out. This month I want to share

3 more photo tips to help elevate your social media images.

 Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. SELFIES are a solo-preneurs best friend when you want to add a photo and don’t have an entourage around. Set your phone on a window sill, a tripod, or even propped up with books, and use the self timer so you can be hands free.

Selfies are most flattering when you are standing in even light, facing sunlight, with the camera slightly above eye level, leaning towards the camera. Push your butt back, slide your ears forward, and stick your tongue behind your teeth for a NATURAL LOOK. It may not (let’s be honest – will not) feel very natural, but in a 1D image, butt back, eyes forward will be the most flattering. Remember, unless you are a Kardashian, this is your brand, and how you are representing your business.

 How can you add selfies into your content plan?

  • Showcase your community when you are out and about.
  • Shout out to your favourite business when you are in their shop
  • Tag a client during a consultation or meeting
  • Share a personal behind the scenes

Pro Tip: selfies can be both a photo, or a video, which leads to tip number 2.

2. VIDEO. This is about photo tips, so you may say they are not photos, but really, they are moving pictures taken with your camera, so I say, they kinda are. And in the trends of social media, video is becoming more and more analytically important to incorporate in your social media strategy. In a recent study of nearly five and half million post, “Video content receives 49% higher interactions than images” even though the majority of post were photos.

How can you incorporate video into your social media calendar? Pre-recorded video spliced into Instagram Reel of 15, 30 or 60 second intervals. 

IGTV is Instagrams longer format stand alone channel that allows for 60 second to 60 minute prerecorded videos. 

Lives are now available on several platforms, giving the opportunity for demos, tutorials, and community conversations. 

If you have not started to work with video yet, I found Reels are a great place to start. They can be creatively edited, and take away the fear of going live. My first reel has 88 views. I posted this reel today (note: you can download reels to your camera roll to repurpose like I have done here, but it is without sound and with a watermark), that in just a couple hours has over 2400 views, 37 likes and 5 comments. Here’s the thing. It had absolutely nothing to do with my business. It was about building engagement. Letting my followers get a look behind the curtain of my life. Building the know-like-trust factor.

3. My final photo tip is … EDIT your photos for extra impact, but don’t overdo it! For me the first thing I look at in editing a photo is to make sure it is straight. From there I want to be sure my contrast, colour and exposure pop.  

Free apps like Adobe Photoshop Express or Snapseed and even your in-phone editor are great tools. There are so many to choose from for impact, creativity and even crazy effects.

So, in all that is 6 Photo Tips for your social media. Let’s recap.

  1. Lighting
  2. Background Distractions
  3. Photo Bank
  4. Selfies
  5. Video
  6. Editing

Maybe in the fall I will share 3 more. What are you looking for, how can I help? Drop me a DM on Instagram at @DandelionDigitalHFX