Tips For a Safe & Successful Brand Photography Session.

Tips For a Safe & Successful Brand Photography Session.

A photo shoot can succeed even with social distancing

I have been a photographer since I was 16 years old, and still love it all these years later. In January 2020 I took my experience as an event photographer & social media manager and launched my first entrepreneurship, Dandelion Digital. 

And we all know how 2020 turned out. 

Spring has sprung in 2021! As vaccines roll out, and Covid cases remain low (if you didn’t already know, I am in Halifax, Canada), and the Atlantic bubble prepares to reopen, many of us are preparing for a renewed sense of back to business.

But is your business the same as it was last spring? It has been a full year since everything shut down for Covid19. In that time many businesses have made a pivot. Many of us are working from home still. 

Maybe you did more then pivot. Maybe you took the leap and started your own business! Fantastic, congratulations!

Now that we have taken a moment to consider the changes, consider this… does your brand need an update? 

Are the photos on your website and social media still representing your business today? 

Do you have a professional headshot that people will recognize? 

As a photographer, my pivot was towards more brand photography. It has been an excellent, and exciting pivot. 

Not everyone is comfortable having their picture taken (me included!) Here are a few tips to help you prepare:


Represent your brand. Consider colour, style and messaging.

  • Jump on Pinterest and search for ideas that give you the look and style you want. Create a board if it helps. Share it with your photographer, or anyone on your design team. 
  • Select your wardrobe at least a day in advance. I have had people know exactly what they wanted to wear, just to get up in the morning to realize they needed a plan B. 
  • Have a plan B 
  • Are you doing a wardrobe change? This can be as simple as changing your jacket or adding a scarf. Be sure to match new accessories with it.
  • Do a make up test. Chose colours that match your skin tone, your wardrobe, and your message


Once you get an idea of the pose or look you want for yourself, practice in front of a mirror.

  • see how it feels when you smile just right. Do you notice the difference between a fake smile and a genuine one (Hint, we see it in the eyes). 
  • try putting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth
  • determine if you have a good side or a better side (there is no bad side)
  • hair up or down
  • glasses on or off
  • standing or sitting
  • the more you practice the more natural it will be in front of the camera and the more in control you will feel at your shoot


Easier said than done, right! 

  • bring your favourite playlist
  • have a water bottle nearby
  • have fun!

What should your shot list include:

A brand photography shoot is about letting your ideal client/customer into your world. Your photo list should include a variety of:

  • fun lifestyle images about you and your business
  • flatlays to showcase your products or services
  • behind the scenes of you (and your team)
  • and a headshot


Things have changed this past year so here are a few SAFETY protocols you may want to be aware of:

  1. Before I leave my car for a shoot I sanitize my hands and put on my mask. 
  2. When we first meet, I may try to reach out and shake your hand, then pull it back embarrassingly. This is not because I have cooties … it’s because the whole world does! 
  3. During the actual shoot I will be sure to remain at least 6 feet away because I will need to remove my mask; or hold my breathe. My viewfinder fogs up with the mask and there is no way to see through it to set up the shot and make sure my settings and focus are spot on. 

Are you ready to make the investment?

Dandelion Digital currently offers 3 Brand Photography packages, plus social media content strategy options so you understand how to utilize your photos. (read more here).

Photography for Business is perfect for those that have new creations or inventory each season.

Brand Photography for Social Media helps tell your story to reach your ideal client or customer.

A Brand Photography Mini session is for a quick refresh!