How Brand Photography Can Elevate Your Small Business

How Brand Photography Can Elevate Your Small Business

If you have an online presence, no matter if you’re a life coach, a dog trainer, a yoga instructor, or maybe you teach online-marketing strategies like I do, having professional, branded, and lifestyle photos can massively up-level your business, especially when you know when and where to use them.

Amy Porterfield

Podcast 281

Are you a life coach or a yoga instructor?

Maybe you’re an artist, a coffee shop owner or a craft beer brewer.  

Perhaps you are a chiropractor or a real estate agent. 

Do you know what all of them, and all of us have in common? We are all entrepreneurs. We are all small business owners, and we are all trying to reach our ideal clients. 

So how do we do that? We show up. We show up on-line and we stop the scroll to grab their attention. We build a know-like-trust factor, so one day they will transition from follower to customer. 

Brand photography is an investment in our business.

It gets us away from stock photos so we are showcasing our products or services.

A lifestyle brand photography session gives you creative images in your environment. That may be the neighbourhood coffee shop where you write your blog. Your home office or clinic. Your kitchen or . . .   


Where can you use brand photography images?

Anywhere your business could use an updated look and a little (of may be lot) of personalization? How about:

  • your social media profile pictures
  • your social media posts
  • your custom graphics
  • your website home page
  • your website About page
  • your e-commerce site
  • your business card
  • your freebie offer
  • your newsletter
  • your thank you page
  • your blog
  • LinkedIn articles
  • your podcast graphic
  • your workshop presentations
  • the Facebook ads for your workshop
  • the headshot you submit as a guest on someone else’s blog, workshop or podcast


How do you know if you should update your brand photography?

Is your current headshot as a beach blond or a flaming red head but you let your natural hair colour grow out over Covid19?

Is your headshot cropped out of a group picture with phantom shoulders alongside?

Were the staff photos on your website taken under office fluorescent lights and have a colourcast?

Has your office changed from downtown to down the hall with a change in workspace?

Have you recently transitioned from a corporate day job to an at home entrepreneur with a change in life-style?

You need a change!

What are you waiting for?

I waited years for my first photo shoot. I like to be behind the camera, not in front of it. But I’ll be real, I am glad I did it. I didn’t wait to lose 10 pounds; or pretend I’d one day look 5 years younger! I got a gallery of maybe 2 dozen photos, 3 or 4 of them I use on a regular basis.

So are ready for yours?

I have 3 packages from a mini refresh, to the seasonal retainer, and that one  in the middle that could be just right! I talked more in depth about them in “How Brand Photography Can Boost Your Small Business Online.”

When you’re ready, Let’s chat! Book a free consultation.

A special shout out to my featured clients, Nicole Osmond & Kathy Colaiacovo

Thank you, Allison, for the amazing experience I had doing my first ever professional photoshoot. It has been one of the best investments I have made into my business, and my personal brand. As a self employed professional I needed current and authentic images that captured the real me. Thanks to your guidance and skill, I now have a collection of images I use for a variety of purposes for my business. And I no longer cringe when I have to share a head shot because I have current images that I’m proud of. Hooray!!! Thank you!

Nicole Osmond

Customer Success Coach, Nicole Osmond Consulting

Allison did a brand photography shoot for me and my business and OMG! It was the best! I now have a slew of photos I can use on my website, in social media, even ads for my business. I will be rebooking for a spring shoot too in order to get more pics to use – especially in the social media arena. The images I post on Instagram always get more reach, reaction and traction than my standard memes and pics. She made the shoot so easy and was able to accomadate some of my thoughts and ideas to give me a portfolio of images that really reflect me and my brand.

Kathy Colaiacovo

Online Marketing Strategist, PepperIt Marketing