Social Media Calendar to Post with Purpose

Social Media Calendar to Post with Purpose

How to keep a social media content plan every month.


I struggled to keep a plan. I struggled to post with purpose. 

I don’t like spreadsheets.

Earlier this year when I was first staring out I wanted a calendar template that gave me a way to put my social media schedule down on paper. There were lots out there, but none really fit what I wanted for my business. So I made my own Social Media Calendar.

I wanted it to include;

  • Categories to customize talking points for my ideal customer
  • Canadian & social holidays
  • pre-plotted Days of the Year


This week I launched the sequel, and I am sharing it with you! This free download includes 12 curated months with instructions & tips, plus my actual December 2020 calendar as a sample.

sample social media content calendar


How to plan a month of social media in 1 hour

  1. Start with the ideas already plotted and determine which you can create content around.
  2. Create your 6 categories, and fill the remaining days
  3. Indicate topics of discussion
  4. Plan photos, graphics & captions
  5. Plan hashtags where appropriate
  6. Use a scheduling site to complete your posts and batch schedule multiple posts

 To pull together all your pre-planned content, use a document (or spreadsheet) to write out your complete story, note your accompanying images and any other relevant details such as hashtags or links.


  • This is a template. It is meant to be fluid, not set in stone.
  • It is not necessary to post every day or all content on every channel.
  • Be strategic about when & where you post, based on your audience of each channel.

Have a consistent plan. Reach your ideal customer. Post With Purpose


Download today!


I would love your feedback. How did this calendar work for you? How didn’t it? Do you have ideas, suggestions, questions. Let me know below, or contact me directly.