How Brand Photography Can Boost Your Small Business Online.

How Brand Photography Can Boost Your Small Business Online.

Is Your Brand Photography a Pink Shag Rug?

This is a prime time to roll out your new personal brand.

One day you walk into a room, give it a quick once over, and realize it is way out dated. Maybe it is the wallpaper, or the fixtures, or the pink shag rug.

When was the last time you took that same once over to your brand? With all the time we are working from home, learning to pivot, and trying new things, this is a perfect time for your small businesses digital marketing make-over.

So, how are you showing up online? Here are a few things to consider. Let’s start with the obvious.


1 Personal Brand Photography

Brand photography showcases you in your element. These pictures tend to go beyond the traditional headshot. Brand photography lets your customers get a sense of who you are, and what you do. It should give a hint of your personality, your style and who you want to attract to your business.

When was the last time you had a brand photography session? Does your profile picture on social media or your website really look like you still. Let’s not even get into weight or age.  If your current picture has you with short blonde hair, but now you are a long haired brunette, would a new customer recognize you?


2. Photography for Social Media

brand photography for service business


A brand photo shoot is the best way to show up on social media as yourself. Get away from stock photos and showcase elements of you and your business. Tell your story with behind the scenes details of what you do day-to-day.

A collection of photos can create a consistent social media presence so you are posting with purpose.


3 Photography of your staff and workplace

When there is more to your business then just you, everyone should represent your business with consistency. Do all the photos have a cohesive look, or are they a mishmash of submitted selfies.

Are the photos clear, sharp and professional? Are they colour balanced?

Has your staff had any turn-over? Are the new people represented on your website or social media sites.

Should you be making clients aware of the protocols you have in place to keep them safe and healthy.


4 Photography of your products or services

If you sell a product, feature YOUR product!

  • show the different options it comes in
  • how can it be used
  • how you made it!

For example, if you are a dresser maker, let’s have you

  • drawing your sketches
  • pinning fabric
  • sewing the design
  • hanging the dress in your shop

Tell it’s story

If you sell a service, DO that.

  • see the client
  • talk on the phone
  • sit at your computer
  • hold your camera
Branding photography for business coach


Maybe it is time to look into your next (or first!) brand photography shoot. Get rid of that pink shag rug, and bring in something clean, fresh and new. 

Not sure where to start? Dandelion Digital has a brand photography package that can work for every small business. As a professional photographer, I can create the photos to help bring your brand to today’s standards. As a social media consultant, I can give you the tips to make sure you are showing up to attract your ideal customer. 

Send me a quick email and let’s see if we can help you post with purpose through photography & social media.