Photo Cheats for Social Media

Photo Cheats for Social Media

What are the best photo sizes for social media?

As a photographer, utilizing social media is a must. 

Must do. Must know how. 

Not all photographers use the same platforms. No one uses all the same social media platforms. As content creators we pick and choose the platform(s) that is best suited to our audience. For instance, a business such as a law firm may find LinkedIn and Twitter works best for them to connect with the corporate crowd. A daycare may prefer Facebook Pages and Instagram. An artist or caterer may prefer Instagram and Pinterest. A fundraiser may use Facebook to take advantage of their Events and Groups. 

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and events will all utilize social media to find their audience, through one, or several channels. The common denominator of social media is that it is visual. You may have written the best story ever, but chances are it will get passed by if the photo does not catch the eye and make someone stop scrolling and start reading. 

Size Does Matter

Each social media platform has its own formula for image sizes.

Photo size cheats for social media

For a quick visual, I put together a quick chart to display the optimized photo sizes for some of the most used social media platforms for business. You can see that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are very similar, and really could use the same size image without issue. However, even at a quick glance, you can see the difference with Instagram being a square format and Stories and Pinterest being vertical, or portrait mode.

Website sizes may be specific too. WordPress lists it’s feature photo size at 1200 x 628px, same as Facebook. If you use a theme though you may want to double check if they differ. This sites theme uses 1080×608 px so I had to set my chart with a custom size in order for it to display as intended.

DSRL or Smartphone?

I use my iPhone constantly for social media, but as a professional photographer I have a DSLR. That’s a digital single lens reflex camera body that allows for interchangeable lenses. To post on-line, whether it be a website gallery, on-line blog, or social media, I will need to resized for optimum display.

A full resolution image from a DSLR should never posted on-line. It is likely that it won’t even upload.

For instance, I recently took this photo at Hopewell Rocks. If I want to hang it on my living room wall, I would print it at full resolution. From my camera that is 7360 pixels. To post it on my Facebook I need to reduce that to 1200 pixels.

Using Adobe Photoshop I am able to change the pixel dimensions. That took the photo from over 100MB to 2.75 MB. You can not see the difference but look at the preview window. The first shows full res where only a tiny portion of the full image is visible, The second preview shows the full image, with space around it, but the picture itself is still crisp and clear.

For faster loading speed it is recommended images be uploaded at smaller that 1MB (1000kb) so I saved the photo at a quality of 10 (Maximum is 12) for a final photo size of 397kb. Perfect!

I would love to hear from you if you think Dandelion Digital can help you with optimizing your photos for social media. Send me a quick email