Video Saved the Marketing Star

Video Saved the Marketing Star

From Facebook to IGTV. 

From Podcasts to AI.

From the days of sitting on the kitchen floor with a curly cord holding the phone to our ears, so much has changed in the way we communicate.

The evolution of on-line marketing and social media has been so swift, that many of the reference articles throughout this college certificate have been out of date. Like my iPhone, it seems that platforms and algorithms are constantly being updated. Don’t get too comfortable with how your favourite one woks, cuz it will change sooner rather than later. 

There are so many unexpected applications that have come up throughout the course, and in my own experiences, but the one that I didn’t expect to be so important was live streaming/video. 

Certainly not a new concept in itself, video has become the biggest shift in social media marketing. Although YouTube has been the cornerstone of that market for years, influencers and top social media accounts have seen massive growth with the implementation of Facebook Live, and IGTV. Even LinkedIn is getting into the live video.

“Video is the fastest growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking,” said Pete Davies, the director of product management at LinkedIn.

Why do you think that is? Because it is working! Live video lets people connect with brands in a raw, authentic way that had never been done before. 

In addition, people who watch a brand video rather than reading a post are found to be more likely to retain the information and follow through.

Is video part of your marketing strategy?

This post was originally published in a series for the Algonquin College Social Media Certificate in December, 2019


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Just Get Out There

Just Get Out There

Business networking is hard work. It can be intimidating. But it can also be very rewarding! Step 1… just get out there.

Be present. Show up. Start with hello.

Regardless if I am on-line or in-line, this is the strategy I am carrying into 2020. 

Business networking, like any relationship, starts with a conversation. No one ever gets involved in a committed relationship without first getting to know each other. That is no different in business. 

Get Started

To build my network, I want to keep in touch with those from my past, and build a path to those in my future, while paying particular attention to those in my present. Again, no different than everyday life. 

We make networking a complicated thing, like there is more at stake. And there is. We need to make a good impression. Showcase ourselves as both a professional, and an expert in our field, while being personal enough that people want to engage. Sounds hard, but if we take the time to make it a daily habit, on-line or in-person, it becomes a habit.  

My commitment is to get out more, meet new people and put myself out there, in person. Where I can’t hide behind the screen, and just type out what I want to say.

The beauty of hiding behind my Mac is I can be authentic and not worry if people are accepting what I say. It takes away the imposter syndrome. In person, we are more guarded with our comments so as to not see the expression on the face of someone who somehow disagrees, or disbelieves in what we say. 

Be Present

I also want to be more present in my on-line communities. I have to remember that while having a strategic plan and posting for my clients is important, it should not be at the expense of my own platforms. I need to be seen, and heard, because even by networking on line, I can build relationships that may lead to opportunities.

Want to be part of my network? Let’s connect, stay in touch, and support each other going forward.

This post was originally published in a series for the Algonquin College Social Media Certificate in 2019

Photo taken at Halifax Leading Ladies, 2019