The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

I am closer to retirement than college. I have always been busy. Three kids, a career, a business, volunteering, and juggling it all with a husband in the army who is away as much as he’s home. And now, all the sudden, I don’t even know. My husband is home (short lived I’m sure), and I have neither a career, nor a business (also short lived I’m sure). 

Apart from a few pictures to hang, and my fish tank still to set up, we are pretty settled back into our family routine. I am taking advantage of this time to catch up on some self learning. If you haven’t discovered Creative Live, check it out! (This is not a paid endorsement, just a happy referral!) 

Winter has hit, and although the snow comes and goes, that Atlantic wind can be fierce, and I’ve lived in Manitoba!

The other day I was “in the neighbourhood” of Peggy’s Cove, so took the detour. I hadn’t been yet since our arrival. I didn’t even have my camera, just my iPhone, but I went anyway, cuz I could. I pulled to the side of the road to take a picture, and my god, that wind. It was unreal. 

Now, I am starting to consider my next steps. Do I look for work? Dive into restarting my business, with no local connections, or just take my time, relax, and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Cuz I can. 

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