Allison Smith

I help entrepreneurs POST WITH PURPOSE through photography & social media.

The Roots of Dandelion Digital

I am a photographer & a social media consultant. I am also a military wife, and while my husband is a Caper, moving to Nova Scotia (over Christmas 2018) meant starting over … again. 

That’s okay, it is the life I chose, and always an adventure. I wouldn’t trade it ever. 

So now what? 

Let’s take what I can offer, and create something new!

Let’s drink lots of coffee and come up with a plan. Let’s discover that Nova Scotia offers a Self Employment program to help entrepreneurs kick start new businesses. Let’s start a business.

The initial idea was to split the business in 3 parts (you will notice 3 floating seedlings in my logo). Event photography (insert covid19), photoshop out-sourcing for wedding photographers (insert covid19) and social media consulting. 

Now, in 2020 I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to post with purpose through photography & social media. 

Hopefully in 2021, the events will return and I can bring that back to the table as well. Until then ….

Here are 10 quick facts to know about me:

  • I like a short hikes with a long lens
  • I love the ocean … but won’t go in it
  • My playlist is alternative rock and classic Springsteen
  • My coffee and my chocolate are both dark
  • Pineapple & mushrooms absolutely go on pizza
  • I cheer for the Yankees & Nats, Oilers, 49ers
  • I am an Air Force brat & an Army wife
  • I married a Caper … while posted in Germany
  • We have 3 grown(ish) kids
  • My birthday is the day of the Military child – our flower is the Dandelion!

Want to learn more about my backstory, please read this blog.

Then read all the others too!


I can’t recommend Allison enough to anyone interested in developing and executing an effective digital communication strategy with the added bonus of also having an extraordinary photographer as part of the package.

Conal MacMillan

External Relations Advisor, Shell Canada

In the beginning building my brand on social media was simply guess work and trial and error. Allison has given me easy to follow actionable advice and now I’m posting with purpose, helping to educate my clients in a way that makes sense.

Jill Gaumont

Be-you-tifully Aligned Yoga

Highly recommend Dandelion Digital for help with marketing and social media expertise. Allison is a professional of the highest caliber.

Shirley Purschke

Co-Owner , Buck Mountain Outfitters

Allison left for Halifax in December 2018 and she is dearly missed. We gratefully continue to work with Allison remotely, on a contract basis. Although the quality of the pictures taken by our staff are nowhere near what Allison was able to provide, she has incredible Photoshop skills. So she still creates dynamic social media posts for our company using the images we offer mixed in with images she created while building up our library.

Allison is a great choice as a social media manager and photographer and we wish her great success on the east coast!!

Barb Sisson

Co-Owner , Superior Show Service Inc.

Allison is such a pleasure to work with. She managed our social media platforms and consistently came up with engaging and original content (even when I was amiss in sending her things to work with). She took the time and initiative to understand our business, brand and key messaging and produced aligned messages for each platform. Highly recommend! 

Katherine Waller

Vice President, PSI Industrial Mechanical

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