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Helping photographers take back time, and giving small businesses photoshop solutions when they don’t have the staff or skills themselves.

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Photoshop Solutions for Small Business

Are you a business that does not have the resources or expertise to enhance your own photos?

With Adobe Creative Cloud I offer *

  • Photo cropping specific to website or social media requirements
  • Resolution adjustments for larger print or on-line marketing 
  • Enhancements to correct exposure
  • Minor photo manipulations
  • Minor graphics


*  supplied image files must be able to handle requested enhancements. For instances a low resolution image already set for on-line publishing can not be made into a high resolution file for magazine prints. 

Photoshop Solutions for Photographers

Are you a photographer looking to outsource all, or a portion of your editing so you have more time to shoot, design, create?

With Adobe CC, I work in ACR and PS to:

  • proof weddings, portraits and commercial shoots for basic exposure and cropping
  • proof for skin correction and eye enhancement
  • proof weddings and portraits to bring out everyone’s best features
  • edit final images including enhanced lighting techniques
  • prepare image specs based on final use. 

Let’s ensure your own style is captured in your final images, so clients can recognize YOUR WORK OF ART.

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