Generation-X are my people!

Understanding who my message is intended for, and ultimately who I need it to reach is a key component of establishing my target audience. Starting a new business in a new city, I have been struggling with who that may be. Then, I wrote a clarifying statement in last weeks Personal Story assignment. 

I will offer Social Media and Photoshop services for entrepreneurs. The intent is to give you back the time and freedom for your own endeavours, by taking off your plate the part of your business you may not have the resources or expertise to do yourself.”

Establish your Target Market

In this one point, I clarified a key target audience. My target will be small business owners who have neither the time, or the resource to keep up with their own social media. That will most likely be those of us tipping the Gen X scale. The near 50:ish where social media is used more for personal than business. Typically, most people my age are either already well established with the technology of computers and social media, or they curse them. 

Connect with Your Target Market

So in essence, my target audience is “Steve”. He is actually my husband, but the perfect example. Steve is a 49 year old Lineman. Like everyone, he has a tablet and a cel phone. The phone’s single purpose is for communication, be it text or calls. His tablet is used for Netflix, banking and facebook. That’s it. Even as he scrolls through Facebook, he has no engagement. He is a “skimmer” (Clark, B. 2008). Rarely comments or Likes a post, and has to constantly ask me how or where he can send messages. People with Steve’s lack of tech savvy are my target audience. 

If I consider myself, I would be the perfect target audience for a bookkeeper. I am a small business entrepreneur who hates anything to do with math and numbers, so I need someone who can take care of my business records and taxes. I have neither the experience, expertise, or desire to do it myself. Finding an entrepreneur with that exact attitude about social media, that right there is who I need to find.

So where do we find each other?

Step one is to post consist content that is relatable to your target market. 

Step two is find out their hang outs. A community Facebook Group is a good place to start. Be social. Make comments, Ask and answer questions. Get the lay of the land, and be noticed.

From there, you may chose to run paid ads. Google and Facebook are a great place to set targeted ads with a Call to Action.

The key to remember is social media is SOCIAL. Be engaging, be relatable, and be consistent.


This post was originally published in a series for the Algonquin College Social Media Certificate in October, 2019

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