I had a hard time choosing a company to look at for a case study. I don’t really follow consumer companies in my own social media feed, and didn’t want to go to the big brands that are a household name. I am quite sure Pepsi knows I am forever faithful, but I am going with a B2C that has just as much of an impact in my life….Kicking Horse Coffee.

Today is the first time I have connected with them on social media, so it was an immediate visual audit of how they are doing.


This was my first stop, and although there are only a handful of posts, all from within this year, I was really impressed by them. With only 22 posts they already have 18.1K followers. 

The how-to graphics are great and the product shots are rich and beautiful (like their brew!). 


This has been up since 2010, and has over 9K followers. That is half compared to their newer Instagram account, which says a lot about their audience. There last post was in June, compared to September on Instagram, so perhaps they are making a shift as many of the more recent tweets are repeated on Instagram 


The Page Transparency of this page states it was started in 2010 as well, and it has nearly 120K page likes and followers. I find it baffling however that the feed is very similar to that of Instagram, only going back to this past February

Overall, their engagement started off strong (see what I did there!), but it became inconsistent, and it doesn’t seem like they acknowledge comments that were made much later than the original post. 

They do address a few key questions such as requests for on-line merch sales, and environmentally friendly packages by directing followers to DM them for further conversation (social media 101). Other than that it almost seems like every now and then they simply go through and like comments, but have no dialogue. 

My personal thoughts are, first, they need to have someone as dedicated to the social media as they are to their brew. The few times they do comment across their channels, can be rather entertaining, and their imagery is outstanding. Secondly, this was a good learning tool, giving me the opportunity to recognize how disingenuous a lazy thumbs up can be. 

Finally, I did not actually understand the difference between light and dark roast until today, but I love a rich dark hot coffee (454 Horsepower), ideally with a little stevia, and some cream.

How do you take yours?

Photos sourced from https://www.instagram.com/kickinghorsecoffee/

This post was originally published in a series for the Algonquin College Social Media Certificate in October, 2019